Mission statement

Creating a better world and fighting fast fashion

We understand that big corporations and brands have to fill the shareholders’ pockets more than thinking about the good of the planet. As a startup, we have more versatility and opportunities to change the world unlike the big brands and we gladly embrace it. We want to bring balance by creating and participating into community projects to counteract fast fashion after we have grown into the UK, Europe and US markets from 2024. From 2024 onwards, part of our profits will go into community projects while the other part will keep being invested into market growth. As a startup, it's important to grow our profits exponentially until 2024, so we can reinvest that money into community projects. 

Here’s our 10-year plan for creating a better world and fighting fast fashion:


UK market growth

US & Europe market growth

UK social housing projects for vulnerable women

UK + USA community projects

Community projects in Fast Fashion supply countries