About us

We are a fashion science brand dedicated to saving our planet. We provide designer activewear sustainably handmade to order for fabulous women who want to minimise their impact on the planet without compromising on quality, style, comfort and performance.


Dedicated to saving our planet

Our dedication to saving our planet has led us to turn to innovations in fashion science which combines principles of design for the body, psychology, materials science, engineering, ergonomics, physiology and biology to create sustainable fashion that will power us to a bright future. HAVAH activewear is sustainably handmade to order to minimise our impact on the environment. We also work with a 3rd-party, Green Story, to help us make all our products carbon neutral. Our lifetime product warranty is a testament to our fine quality and the responsibility we take towards the planet for the unique pieces we craft.


Movement is in our DNA

We originally started selling leggings providing freedom of movement for dancing but our love and passion for saving our planet was so strong that we dedicated our business to saving our home planet. We believe that every woman can be a movement of change and help save our planet while still looking and feeling good in chic activewear that doesn't compromise on quality, comfort and performance. Every woman should wear fine activewear without any guilt of the impact they have on our planet.


Your appearance doesn't need to take a backseat

We often associate activewear with being comfortable, and our appearance takes a back seat to the functionality. At HAVAH, our signature activewear are not only fashionable but also practical as an attire for both an active lifestyle and everyday life. They're an everyday, any activity kind of activewear. Our exclusive prints are timeless limited-edition pieces crafted by the best artists and designers from around the world.


Investing in our future

We donate our time, services and a percentage of our sales to help grassroot organisations all over the world to save our precious world and offset our impact. Find out more about how you're creating a positive impact when you buy from us.