Our process

At HAVAH, we value exquisite aesthetics and superior craftsmanship. We handcraft the world’s finest activewear redefining comfort, performance, and style. We are a pioneer in modern eco luxurious activewear. Our approach to fashion is different and unique. We take great care in minimising our impact on the environment and making sure people are fairly treated and taken care of in our supply chain. We create activewear that combines understated, feminine design with superior elegance.

Circular fashion

Women sewing clothes

Our products are sustainably handmade to order. This allows us to avoid over-production and textile waste. With our handmade-to-order approach, we can create as many collections as required every month without compromising on quality. We call that "sustainable fast trends". Our delivery times range from 7-14 business days on average for the UK, USA, and Europe. We also offer a lifetime product warranty which is a way for us to make sure we get our products back so we can recycle them.

Efficient Production and Shipping


We have production centers in North America and Europe which enable us to handcraft your items closer to you with quicker delivery and fewer carbon emissions. Orders in the USA are made in North America with free delivery. For orders in the UK and Europe, your activewear will be made in Europe with free delivery.

Superior Quality and the Finest Materials


Our apparel are handcrafted from a luxurious high-quality blend of fabrics, designed to withstand your lifestyle while effortlessly providing you with a body-flattering fit and silky soft comfort. Our water-based inks are approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and certified with an OEKO-TEX Eco Passport. They’re biodegradable, vegan, and non-hazardous. 

Our revolutionary blend provides unparalleled performance and exceptional comfort. We’re so confident of its fine quality that we back them with a lifetime product warranty.


Flowers blooming

Evolution is key for us. We continue to create the finest high-quality fabrics and exclusive elegant pieces with timeless aesthetics. We are currently experimenting with various blends of recycled polyester to enhance performance and comfort while also improving our impact on the planet.